The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental health care information and counselling resources.

Answers to Your Questions about:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Organization

NHS Drug Addiction: Getting Help

Understanding Anxiety

NHS: What is anxiety?


Questions and Answers about Childhood Abuse

NSPCC: What Is Child Abuse?


Depression - How Therapy Can Help

NHS: Benefits of Talking Therapy


Online Addiction

NHS: Internet Addiction

Online Mental Health Tools


Panic Disorder - Answers to Your Questions About

NHS: Panic Disorder


National Centre for PTSD

PTSD UK: Symptoms of PTSD

NHS: PTSD Overview


The National Domestic Violence websites

National Centre for Domestic Violence

NDVH: Is This Abuse?

24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline

Women's Aid

Nutrition and Dietetics

Obesity and Weight Management


Suicide Prevention



Suicide Awareness

Help for Suicidal Thoughts


Internet Mental-Health

Online Mental Health Tools

Useful Apps

Anxiety / Depression

·         Sanvello

·         Calm

·         Be Mindful

·         SilverCloud

Self-Esteem/Improve Self-Confidence

·         HelloMind

·         ThinkUp

·         Happier

Sleep Apps

·         Pzizz

·         Sleepio

·         Sleepstation


·         Feeling Good: Positive Mindset

For more helpful Apps go to:

 NHS UK Apps Library

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